About Perth Equine Vets

At Perth Equine Vets, we know how important horses are to their owners, so your horse will only be attended by an experienced equine-only vet, whether it is in hours, or in the middle of the night.


Veterinary Services


It is recommended that all horses are vaccinated, whether they go out competing or not. All horses can succumb to the fatal disease, Tetanus (lockjaw), which is preventable by a vaccination every 2 years.

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Perth Equine Vets


Dental examinations are a vital part of the veterinary preventative healthcare for your horse. It is recommended that all horses have their teeth checked at least every 6 to 12 months in order to prevent problems from building up and causing pain.

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Horse vetting


Worming based so FWEC results are vital to prevent resistance from becoming a real problem in our horse population. Blanket worming all horse regularly is no longer recommended and should be based on FWEC results,

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Veterinary Services

About Perth Equine Vets

At Perth Equine Vets, we know how important horses are to their owners, as everyone is just as horse-mad as you are!

Continuity of care is our practice ethos – we know how important it is to establish a trusting relationship between clients, their horses, and the vet. Therefore, we will ensure, that as much as possible, the same vet will attend your horse for recheck examinations. This vet will always be an experienced, equine-only vet. Veterinary care is individual to both owner and horse circumstances, so a blanket approach or a “one size fits all” is not appropriate in the majority of cases. Our clients trusting their vet is something that is very important to us.

We strive to offer a service where care, compassion, and excellent veterinary care are delivered in one package.


We will do our best to make our service as convenient as possible, this includes evening and Saturday visits by prior arrangement. Please contact us if  you have a special request to see if we can help.



You can also contact us for any non-urgent inquiries via email or phone.  In an emergency always call on 01738 259 427.